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Charles DiLisio

Insightful, Trusted,

Entrepreneurial, Respected. 

Mentor of High Integrity.

25+ years of experience as a business advisor to leadership teams and their boards of directors.

I thrive in ambiguous situations, quickly analyzing any industry and giving leadership teams an independent, honest assessment that leads to True North.


Clients appreciate my insightful marketing strategy and keen skills in analyzing technology trends, markets, and competitors while distilling this into actionable, implementable results. I enjoy working with innovative technology companies that seek a dominant position and market-leading profitability. Leadership teams appreciate my experience, given I know what it’s like to make payroll amid a cash shortage and renegotiate a bank line.

I’ve advised management and institutional investors on market trends, carve-outs, divestitures, and potential new growth opportunities. 


Before founding D-Side Advisors, I worked with KPMG, Acurex Corporation, and Dataquest (now Gartner) in various corporate development and strategy consulting roles. I have an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson School, and a bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Business Analysis, Summa Cum Laude, from Arizona State University.

Charles DiLisio


Experienced business advisor and

mentor assisting in YOUR success.

Building collaboration and providing high-integrity advice. You may not like it, but it's honest.


Providing actionable advice, and working with the leadership team toward a brighter future.


Start-up teams face ambiguity leading to daily frustrations.  Helping management avoid the noise to focus on success.



Proactively getting things done creatively with limited resources, helping management stay on track.


Acting in the best interest of the company, employees, and management. 

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